Kurin is set out with a goal to widen the accessibility of clean and wholesome food on-the-go to those with a fast moving work life that also wants to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We're here for you with an array of healthier options after you battle through waking up at 5am, to getting stuck in the daily morning jam to work, during your tight scheduled lunch or simply on your way to the gym after work. We like to keep the kitchen simple, honest and of best quality. Freshness is one of the main pillar that pivots our menu development so do expect frequent changes on the types of greens and proteins we use from time to time, whichever freshest we can get our hands on.




Japanese Short Grain or Brown Rice


Build Your Own Sushi Buritto


Go Carb Free With Our Daily Handpicked Greens


Classic Salmon

Marinated Salmon Cubes with a nutty & sesame scent
MYR 18(R) | MYR 23(L)

Tangy Salmon

Soy-based citrus sauce marinated Salmon cubes with a refreshing light taste
MYR 18(R) | MYR 23(L)

Spicy Salmon

Salmon cubes whisked with our homemade spicy sauce, sweet onions and scallions.
MYR 18(R) | MYR 23(L)

Classic Tuna

Marinated Diced Tuna with a nutty twist
MYR 20(R) | MYR 25(L)

Ponzu Tuna

Diced Tuna whisked and marinated with our soy-based tangy citrus sauce
MYR 20(R) | MYR 25(L)

Spicy Tuna

Diced Tuna Cubes with our sensational tongue tingling hot sauce.
MYR 20(R) | MYR 25(L)

Teriyaki Chicken

Skinless Diced Chicken Breast Oven baked with our homemade teriyaki sauce
MYR 13(R) | MYR 18(L)

Niku Tofu (V)

Hardpressed Diced Japanese Tofu torched with our homemade Teriyaki sauce.
MYR 10(R) | MYR 15(L)

*Do expect changes on the types of vegetables used, whichever freshest we can get our hands on.

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